5 Reasons For My Top Tier Business?

Oct 16 2013
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Big Olu A few weeks ago, I joined a coaching class that had 8 weeks duration on creating information products and in the cause of the training, the coach mentioned MOBE and I was curious. He then explained a little about it and I was sold immediately. I signed up without wasting any more time. I want to share my review with you.

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1. High Ticket Program: It looked as if I never heard this statement before – high ticket program, when a friend of mine mentioned it and I was curious about knowing more. It dawn on me that I have actually seen some conferences, seminars that were priced high fees. I have seen conferences and seminars charged for $5000, $10000 and even $50000 and I used to think these guys must be crazy or someone is trying to rip off people.

So, HTP simply means offering products, services, events, conferences, seminars, coaching at high prices to customers, subscribers’ e.t.c. of course these offers have to be of great value to the buyers.

As an internet marketer or affiliate marketer, the most interesting part of this is that you get high commissions for selling those programs. This is exactly what Matt Llyod’s MTTB is offering to his partners. You get paid up to 90% commission for products or events being offered by Matt.

Stop running after $10 affiliate commissions. Start earning at least $1000 from today.

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Wow! This is awesome. I do not need a medium or prophet to counsel me about this. I jumped into it straightaway to make a killing out of it.  Earned my first $1000 a day with a few days.

2. Super Phone Team: I was also amazed that all I need do is drive quality leads to the programs and Matt’s team does all the phone calls to close the deals for me. This is crazy men. Are these guys for real? I am not going to make calls to clients. In the last 20 years I have been doing public speaking and also closing sales in my own business but when I now see a company telling me that I should not even bother about making the calls I was flabbergasted. Matt has a team of great sales guys who have been tested with great success in closing sales on all their products and events. This is great. I told myself, go get avalanche of leads to the sales funnel. This is exactly what I am doing.

3. Getting free Mercedes Benz as an active partner. This is incredible. My wife will love me better (she really loves me) if I could just bring home a brand new Benz courtesy of Matt’s ingenuity. The simple task is when you are a MOBE Licensee (You are one of the qualified Franchisees who markets all of Matt’s products) and you sign up 5 other partners in that category, you will be eligible to work in any Benz office and pick for you’re a new Benz. I have not heard or seen this anywhere else. Many of our partners already got their own Benz. CLICK to Get Yours

4. Exotic Mastermind vacations: I sure love to take my wife and daughter for exotic vacations. This time around, I am not going to be paying for it. Matt and his team have worked that out, all I need do is get my family to the vacation venue. Isn’t this lovely folks? I will do whatever is required to get qualified for this vacations. I am sure you would love to be on a beautiful island with other MOBE partners, wouldn’t you?

5. Focused Goal: Matt’s business helps you to set realizable goals for yourself. There are 3 levels of participation in this business which you can set your own goals to achieve. The first is becoming MOBE Licensee which gives you opportunities to get 90% on each product sales and then flat $1000 for every other MOBE licensee you sponsor into the business. The 2nd business level is the Titanium which gives you the opportunity to get what MOBE licensee gets with extra $3000 if any of your MOBE licensee upgrades to Titanium. The 3rd level is called Platinum where you get paid $5000 when someone upgrades to Platinum and also you are invited to special Platinum vacations where you are get exposed to secrets to some of the smartest minds on the planet when it comes to wealth, marketing, and personal development. You’ll also have the exclusive rights to market this same program, and make $5,000 commissions per sale. This is the ultimate and where I am going to land soonest.

My Summary;

Well, there are so many benefits available to you and i within this business. I am personally inviting you to come on board and let make enough Moolah together. Think about the great Mercedes Benz, exotic vacation huge commissions, leveraging the products and positioning yourself with great minds and partners.

Take these bonuses:
I will like to bless you with a few bonuses if you come into this business through me. We will work together.

1. One on One coaching with me on The Power of Setting Achievable Goals in your business. We meet for one hour on Skype for further discussions.

2. Access to my top secret wallet friendly solo ads team. Solo Ads is the fastest way to get quality leads to your business but you need to get the right solo ads providers.

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