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Aug 26 2017
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Welcome to my world, my name is Olu Joseph.

You are about to WIN A BRAND NEW INFINIX Pro Smartphone from me but…

Let me tell you a story about 4 friends who met together for business. A few weeks ago, my friend Festus Chika with his youth corper wife and Stan met with me in my office to discuss our new found Diamond Business and the possibilities that are ahead of us and we took the decision to give our best shots.

We set out strategies to use seminars and social media to push our vision.

Festus paid for an office in Lagos and started running it with Stan and Festus Wife.

In my own office here in Abuja, i set up the social media campaigns and adverts to drive traffic to all our seminars in the cities we earmarked to get prospects.

I traveled to Lagos to attend seminars organized by Festus and Stan and i spoke at the seminars. They in turn came to Abuja and Kaduna to speak at our events.

We got other like minded people involved and before you could say Jack Robinson, we had created a movement for our Paydiamond Business which is now on auto pilot.

5 months (From 6th March to 25th August 2017) after our first meeting in my office, the 4 of us became top leaders in the business though we leave in different cities.


5 months (From 6th March to 25th August 2017) after our first meeting in my office, the 4 of us became top leaders in the business though we leave in different cities.

PayDiamond is one of the leading online home business everyone can do on your laptop at home. The company deals in buying and selling of Diamond and its International Headquarters is at Two Exchange Square 8 Connaught Place, Central Honk Kong. Feel free to chect its ranking here website

There are 3Ps you look out for in any business;  1st P  — The People. 2nd P— The Product and 3rd P — The Profit. All these are properlly situated in PD.  The business is led by Carlos Luiz who is an economist and systems engineer with over 26years of experience  in distribution. He also acted as Commercial Director for a Japanese  Multinational,  the Marketing Director for a Chinese multinational as well as a consultant for a wide variety of companies.

What makes the company stand out? Answer is in the guaranteed weekly earning explained below.

WEEKLY EARNINGS for INVESTORS:  You earn 5% of your purchaced Pack every week for 50 weeks after the first 30days of sign up. Your weekly bonus is guaranteed for 50weeks… Paydiamond was design in a way that is for everybody both the rich and poor, the weak and strong, Networkers and Non networkers.

For example, if you invest in Master Pack of $3600, there is a 30days initial period for your investment to wait and immediately after this, you will begin to earn 5% of your investment which is $180 every week for 50weeks. The pack contract expires at the 50th week and can be renewed if you want.

Take a look at this scenario, If you multiply $180 by 50 weeks, you would have earned $9000 from your investment.  This is awesome, isn’t it?

What are the packages you can invest in and the amounts?

There are five Paydiamond packs available to new clients for purchase

Safe Pack $18,000     =   N7,200,000.00
Master Pack $3,600  =   N1,440,000.00
Plus Pack $1,200       =   N480,000.00
Light Pack $400        =   N160,000.00
Joy Pack $200           =   M80,000.00

Benefits: 5% weekly returns on any pack purchased: for every diamond pack you purchase, after 30 waiting days you will start earning 5% of the value of the pack every week for 50 weeks.

How do you sign up? An existing partner or sponsor will register or gives you his or her sponsor link and you sign up through either bitcoin or pdcode by your upline to activate your package. In this case me, Olu Joseph. Watch the two videos below on what to do in your registration.




If you want to start this business, meet me on my Whatsapp Group and introduce your name and location when you get to the group so that we can help you out.

The WhatsApp group is strictly for Paydiamond discussions and do not post any other issues there because you will be banned and blocked.

Lest i forget, I am giving out 10 Infinix Smartphones to 10 persons within the next few days.

Watch the video below:

No more delay. Connect with me immediately on WhatsApp

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